Cuiugiuc Muslim Cemetery


Ottoman name of village:



  19th century

  On the left side as you enter the village is the cemetery and the mosque (possibly) plus the remains of another building. Only the foundation can be seen from these constructions. Both the cemetery and the foundations of the two buildings are located in the northernmost part of a small promontory that separates from the road to the north. Near the southwest corner of the mosque is a tombstone inscribed with Arabic characters, in 4 rows, arranged obliquely. On the other facets it is decorated with incised lines with different geometric motifs. The top of the tombstone may have been carved but is torn from antiquity. In the immediate vicinity, to the east, there is another tombstone shaped on 4 sides, with one of the faces decorated with incised lines. Another 4-sided tombstone, possibly with the carved but torn upper part of the antiquity, similarly decorated, is located 2 m to the east of the second tombstone described. These 3 stones create the image of a row arranged parallel to the south wall of the mosque. A 4th stone, in turn with four facets, decorated with incisions, is located further south, at about 3 m. All these stones have facets with a width of about 20-25 cm. Another faceted tombstone decorated with incisions is on the west side of the mosque. Below the cemetery, in a valley to the northeast, is a ceșme (turkish well).The graves in this small cemetery are marked only with stones placed at the head and feet of the deceased, more clearly towards the southern end of the cemetery. The tombstones are generally not very large except for 4-5 of them.


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